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Although it's unlikely that this book can persuade several folks to undertake homeopathic  remedies, it ought to be helpful for those already convinced of the deserves of this different technique of treatment. Ullman, World Health Organization has written 2 alternative books concerning homeopathic  remedies ( Discovering homoeopathy , North Atlantic Bks., 1991. rev. ed.; Homeopathy: drugs for the twenty first Century , LJ 2/1/88), explains the system's principles, tells a way to assess a child's symptoms, and lists some seventy eight childhood disorders beside their homeopathic  remedies and an inventory of homeopathic  makers. This clearly written and well-organized work is usually recommended for libraries that collect in practice of medicine. 
- Natalie Kupferberg, Treasure State State Univ. Lib., Bozeman 
Copyright 1992 Reed Business data, Inc.
Product Description
Homeopathic remedies area unit more and more getting used to treat common childhood ailments. they're safe, haven't any facet effects or aversions, area unit cheap and, above all, effective. during this guide, Danu Ullman explains what homoeopathy is, however it works and the way you'll use it properly to reinforce your child's health. He recommends remedies for quite seventy five physical and emotional conditions, including: allergies, grief, anxiety, headaches, asthma, measles, bedwetting, nappy rash, bites and stings, shock, burns, sunburn, colic, teething, coughs and colds and travel illness 

Without doubt, this can be the foremost comprehensive book on homeopathic  paediatrics. enclosed may be a complete guide to the right use of homoeopathy, suggested remedies for the treatment of quite lxxv common physical, emotional, and activity conditions, and valuable data on the essential drugss that every one folks ought to have in their home medicine kits
“Dana Ullman has place along the clearest and most reasonable approach to the treatment of children's diseases and issues that I actually have seen. folks are going to be delighted to own once more some management over their children's sicknesses.” 
—Lendon Smith, M.D., President, National Health Awareness Institute; author of Feed Your children Right 
“The neglected consider today's treatment is that the innate healing potential of the physique. homeopathic  medicines stimulate this potential in a very safe, effective, and cheap means. folks World Health Organization want to reinforce their children's health are going to be well suggested to buy and USE this book.” 
—William Shevin, M.D., President, National Center of homoeopathy 
“I have seen wonderful results with homoeopathy in my very own patients and family. Danu Ullman's careful, thoughtful, well-organized book offers clear pointers for safely treating kids with this excellent drugs.” 
— Martin L. Rossman, M.D.,Assistant Clinical academician, University of California at point of entry college of drugs 
“It ought to be helpful for those already convinced of the deserves of this different technique of treatment.” 
—Library Journal
About the Author
Dana Ullman, M.P.H. (Masters publicly Health, U.C. Berkeley), is one amongst America's leading spokespersons for homeopathic  drugs. He has authored 5 books together with, Everybody's Guide to homeopathic  drugs (with Sir Leslie Stephen writer, MD), homeopathic  Medicines for kids and Infants, The One-Minute (or so) expert, and Discovering homoeopathy. His writings have additionally appeared within the Western Journal of drugs, policy, Utne Reader, The Futurist, and therefore the Reader's Digest Family Guide to Natural drugs, and he's systematically quoted within the leading national media. 

In addition to his own writing, Ullman's company, homeopathic  academic Services, has printed over thirty homeopathic  books together with several leading texts for shoppers and skilled homeopaths. 

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