Sunday, 28 June 2015

Nursing procedures book

Lippincott's  nursing procedures book review

Lippincott's Nursing Procedures, 6e, is start-to-finish guide to over four hundred nursing procedures from basic to advanced.  This reference outlines each procedure, lists instrumentation, details every step, and includes rationales and cautions to make sure patient safety and positive outcomes.  Concise, clear content targets key data required to perform procedures safely and accurately at the side.  Tips, alerts, checklists, illustrations, and tables offer clarity and fast access to key procedural data. Organized alphabetically for simple accessibility, the book includes basic and advanced procedures on key topics, such as: infection management, specimen assortment, physical treatments, drug administration, IV therapy, hemodynamic observance, still as procedures associated with body systems like chest tubes, peripheral nerve stimulation, and intra-abdominal pressure observance.

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