Monday, 29 June 2015

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Practical neuroophthalmology book review

Practical Neuroophthalmology covers the fundamental principles and major conditions of neuroophthalmology in a very cryptic, easy manner. instead of just presenting a catalog of facts, the authors enrich the text by describing however advanced neuroophthalmic signs and symptoms square measure typically a logical consequence of anatomy and pathophysiology. With its comprehensive coverage and general anatomy approach, sensible Neuroophthalmology is each an excellent clinical resource and a valuable board review tool.


Discussion of anatomy within the context of malady states--making the consequence of malady a lot of without delay understood
Combined illustrations associated tables gift advanced info in an easy-to-follow manner
Original clinical case studies--optic disc pictures, visual fields, clinical course, associated alternative information from an illustrative case square measure conferred along to grant you a visible outline of the malady
Photographic surveys of malady manifestations--clinical pictures from completely different patients with identical malady demonstrate the complete spectrum of malady presentation
Tables and boxes dedicated to differential diagnosis--important clinical decision-making info is synthesized and bolstered in a very convenient define kind
Key points summarized at the top of every chapter.

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